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We believe that genuine breakthroughs in organisational or societal challenges require different thinking.

We have worked with household names in the commercial, charity and public sector. We have helped them reframe their understanding of their present challenges and see the future differently. The results have had a measurable impact, both on the people they serve, and their leadership teams, workforce and external partners.

As professionals with decades of experience, we bring together talent with experience in public health, behavioural sciences, marketing, organisational development, market research and programme implementation. It means we can provide inspiring and tailored responses on issues as diverse as public health priorities, workforce culture, change programmes and NHS commissioning.

The common thread is that we bring humanity and heart into our projects. Our approach enables decision-making that doesn’t just ‘take into account’ the needs of the end user, but is fundamentally shaped through collaboration with them. We enable our clients to connect and work constructively together with genuinely different and diverse groups – including end users, workforce and external partners –to:

  • Look at their challenges in new ways and see different solutions

  • Work together towards shared, or co-created, goals

  • Understand and empathise with each other better.



Our core principles

We approach every project differently because no two situations are the same. But threading through what we do are our seven principles born out of 12 award-winning years.

  1. People are genuinely creative and constructive

  2. There are few things more powerful than diverse groups of people working together to solve a specific challenge

  3. Collaborating directly with customers, frontline staff and other stakeholders, stimulates fresh thinking and new insight into how to solve old and hard problems

  4. Being present at the creation of an idea, gives people an enhanced sense of ownership, and a greater sense of commitment to implementing change

  5. The future is best understood and created through people’s relationships and connections

  6. People’s behaviour is largely driven by the physical and social context around them, not just motivation or capability

  7. The most effective, scalable and profitable decisions are made when the end user is at the heart of decision-making. 

Genuine breakthroughs in organisational or societal challenges require different thinking.

What people say

"We reached a level of insight with Partners I don’t think we would have got to with other methods. It was extremely valuable and the process itself was very well received."

— Ellie Hobart

Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs 

NHS Tower Hamlets CCG

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