Bringing your senior leaders together with stakeholders to collaborate in creating strategies for change

Stimulating you and your internal and external stakeholders to create new answers to intransigent challenges

Collecting sharp insight to develop your understanding of the needs and desires of your audience

Audience insight

Behaviour change insight

Engagement with 'hard to reach' groups

Workforce development

Product and service design

Evaluation of products and services

We make it possible for you to work directly with people from all backgrounds and technical expertise to develop better products, services and ways of working.


‘People Led Change’, brings the human touch into your decision making, delivering sustainable, radical and cost-efficient answers. It’s the counterbalance to cold data and organisational ‘group think’.

Our methodology is highly tailored to your specific problem and required outputs. Each project is bespoke and draws from a wide range of techniques designed to encourage people to reveal their more personal and private relationship to your challenge. 

“The kind of attention we pay actually alters the world:

we are literally partners in creation.”

Prof Iain McGilchrist, The Master and his Emissary (2009)

We reached a level of insight with Partners I don’t think we would have got to with other methods. It was extremely valuable and the process itself was very well received.

Ellie Hobart,  Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs, NHS Tower Hamlets CCG


Market research

  • Ethnography (including mobile ethnography)

  • Peer research

  • Mini-groups, friendship-groups and focus groups

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Depth interviews

  • Literature reviews

  • Data analysis

Collaborative change

  • Co-creation and co-design workshops

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Training for change

  • Facilitated decision making workshops


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