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Co-creating ways to break down barriers to self-management of lower back pain

The Health Innovation Network (HIN) have asked Partners in Creation to run an Action Based Co-creation (ABC) workshop to develop new and appropriate ideas to improve self-management of lower back pain.

This marks the start of the HIN’s programme to improve the care of and effective self-management of lower back pain, a condition that costs the NHS £5bn a year.

With about 40 people - both people with lower back pain and health professionals - the ABC workshops, happening on 26 November, will explore people’s barriers to self-managing their condition. And will co-create ideas to make self-management easier and more rewarding for people.

Fay Sibley, Darzi Fellow (Musculoskeletal) from the HIN said: "I am extremely excited about working with Partners to create an environment in which all parties are equal and we can explore people's ideas and experiences without barriers."

The HIN is one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks around the country. Made up of scientists, NHS commissioners and providers, local authorities, patients and industry, the HIN sets out to encourage innovations and best practice using evidence-based research.

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