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Putting the heart back into decision making

Traditionally in business, it is believed the head should rule the heart. Decisions based on a cold assessment of the ‘data’ are often regarded as the best. But when a decision impacts on the wellbeing of others, could a bit more heart be a good thing?

At Partners in Creation, we believe that empathy between service providers and service users leads to better decisions, for three reasons:

  1. Firstly, empathy is the foundation of human relationships and mutual understanding. In the context of service provision, decisions made with a true, emphatic understanding of the multiple user and stakeholder perspectives tend to be in the best interest of all involved.

  2. Secondly, true empathy gives us new viewpoints. Our experience in running Action Based Co-creation (ABC) workshops has shown us time and time again that from these new viewpoints arise new ideas and solving problems.

  3. And finally, in touching our hearts and bringing humanity into the decision-making process, empathy with others has the power to move us into action. It can be the missing link that drives an organisation to change. If seeing is believing, feeling is what drives us to do something about it.

The ABC process is designed to build empathy between multiple service users and stakeholders – providing a platform for building relationships, seeing problems from new perspectives and ultimately working together towards common goals.

To learn more about our ABC workshops and how we can help your organisation connect with users, solve problems and make better decisions, get in touch with Or pick up the phone (John loves a good chat) – 07939 646 099.

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